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Boatyard Services

Oban Marina has installed a wide range of facilities aimed at meeting all the needs of today's boat owners. These include:

  • 50T "Wise" boat hoist with adjustable beam from 4.7 to 6.2 metres and capable of lifting up to 50 tons
  • Brownell boat stands imported from USA
  • Yacht Leg & Cradle boat cradles from UK
  • Boatyard, winter storage and slipway with drainage for hard standing.


Services & Repairs

At Oban Marina we have a variety of in-house & sub-contracted services to keep your boat in top condition including:

Our price list is here, but if you cannot find what you want, please  phone 01631 565468.

Booking in your boat is easy, contact us as above or complete & return a work request.


We understand that hauling a vessel can be a concern for many boat owners. We are on hand at all times to offer you friendly advice and guidance.

Watch the launch of Spirit of Grace and the lifting of Taworri this spring. 


Hard Standing

With two main systems available for boat storage on land, you can be sure of a clean and safe environment for your boat.

Depending on the size of your yacht you can choose from:

Brownell Boat Stands
These stands are multi adjustable galvanized steel tripods offering an ability to adjust to a wide range of vessels.

Yacht Leg & Cradle Boat Cradles
These cradles are constructed in the UK and are specially designed galvanized steel cradles that provide maximum hurricane standard security for your yacht while she is stored in our boatyard.

We only have a limited amount of undercover storage, so if you require this, please book as far in advance as possible.


In the winter, ferries run every day to order, so access is always easy. No ferries on xmas day, boxing day, hogmany and ne'erday.

For rates please see our Marina and Boatyard fees

Oban Marina is insured with GJW Insurance. If you are interested in a quote for your boat insurance, follow this link.

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