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Our visitor pontoons are on the inside of 'C' pontoon.

You don't have to book for short stays (unless you are 15m+) - simply pick up any free berth (not marked 'reserved') and then check in at reception (or after hours at the Waypoint Bar and Grill).


Daily Rate:        £2.50/metre
Weekly Rate:    £16.00/metre

Monthly Rate:   £60.00/metre          
+ metered electricity @ 0.15 per unit (a £5 refundable deposit  is required)


The yellow buoys are for mooring boats up to a maximum of 20 tons, and are on the northside of the marina.

If you require a heavier mooring, please radio channel 80 for guidance.

Daily Rate:        £20.00/night for 20t
Weekly Rate:    £100.00/week for 20t




Depth throughout is a minimum of 6 metres (at low tide, nearest the shore) up to 13 metres. Access at all tides.


Discounted prices are available at
weekly, monthly, 6-monthly and annual rates.


For on-land and undercover storage see boatyard services.


Please do not tie up on the fuel berth overnight. This has to be kept free at all times for the lifeboat.
Someone's life may depend on this.


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