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Oban Marina is a deep water refuge with 12m depth at most moorings and pontoon berths and is accessible at all tides. The fuel dock is on 'B' hammerhead and visitor pontoons on the inside of 'C'.


VHF channel 80 or phone 01631 565333


Waypoint 56° 25.15'N 005° 29.8'W


Entry to Oban Bay:

Northern Lighthouse Board has produced a code of practice for users of Oban Bay which you should be familiar with before arrival. 

There is a speed limit of 5 knots in Oban Bay and 7 knots in Kerrera Sound (except in an emergency).

Further information on the bay is available at:


Please note that this website is also a reporting page for all incidents and near misses in the bay. We encourage that all incidents (i.e. near collisions, too much wash, machinery failure or a grounding) should be reported on this site.


From the North:
(Caledonian Canal, Mull & The Hebrides, Northern Ireland)

On entering the channel, you are advised to keep Maiden Island to your port side unless you are familiar with the area. When entering or leaving the channel, keep to the starboard side as much as possible.

From the South:
(Crinan Canal (21 nautical miles), Islay, Jura, The Clyde Coast)

Approach is along Kerrera Sound which has well-marked hazards and bouyage flooding north. In poor visibility or in the dark, mariners may prefer to come up the seaward side of Kerrera and enter the bay from the north.


There is busy traffic in the bay and mariners should keep a radio & visual watch for the large ferries and visiting ships moving in & out of the bay and give way to them. CalMac ferry movements are announced on VHF channel 16.

Small boats, including boats under sail, are not permitted to impede the passage of a large vessel entering or leaving the bay.


Within Oban Bay be aware of the following hazards:
North side: Corran Ledge is indicated by a (flashing) West Cardinal mark.
South side: (flashing) North & South Cardinals indicate the location of Sgeir Rathaid Bank which dries at extreme low water.
Ardentrive Bay: off Oban Marina, on the Isle of Kerrera, there is a wreck at the most southerly point at Mount Pleasant. The wreck is visible at most states of tide and is marked by an unlit post off its northerly point.


Tide Times 



1790 Oban and Approaches
1791 Caledonian Canal

Admiralty Standard Charts West Coast of Scotland Area 5

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